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Message boards : Number crunching : Linux app is broken

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Joined: 4 Apr 15
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Message 142 - Posted: 8 Apr 2015, 0:59:22 UTC

I just aborted all my remaining linux jobs. To date I have crunched 450 tasks and gotten ZERO valids.

For fun I looked at the top 200 computers - eight are Linux.
Those eight show an appalling error rate - typically 50%, some worse, some better

But the top 10 computers (all Windows) are essentially flawless. Just 13 invalid tasks from well over 100,000 WUs.

You should take down the Linux app until you've fixed it. It's not fair to the crunchers or the other projects who could be using those wasted cycles.

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Message 177 - Posted: 21 May 2015, 8:27:58 UTC

Thank you for info, Steve.
Sorry man.

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Message boards : Number crunching : Linux app is broken

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